Abs Cops Sleeves & Accessories

ABS Cops Sleeves Accessories

  • Cop (Pirn) Sleeves

    Cop sleeves are used in synthetic yarn industry.

  • Raw Materials

    ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Antistatic Extrusion Grade.

  • Product Range:

    Internal Diameter

    35 mm to 80 mm


    0.3 mm to 0.6 mm


    Bottle Green, Facit Red, Blue , Grey, Yellow, Black, Rid Grey, Rid Green
    Special colours as per customer needs


    Plain, Micro grooves and Matt(orange peel) finish

  • Cop (Pirn) Accessories:

    • Bottom adaptors.
    • Top adaptors
    • Spindle Guide.
    • U-Rings

    Adaptors are manufactured from ABS , Nylon, HIPS and PP as per customer specification.

    Spindle guide and U-rings are manufactured from CRCA steel.

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