About Siddhi Group

  • Strive to become the supplier of choice through import substitution and global supplies in our product group by Technical excellence and strong management systems We do...

    • Continuous improvement
    • Quality assurance
    • Communication
    • Innovation
    • Consultation
    • Support
    • Trust
    • Teamwork

  • To attain market leadership position globally in our products and processes by...

    • Highest levels of quality
    • Continuous innovations
    • Combination of technology
    • Service
    • Creative marketing
    • Pricing
    • Cost efficiency

    Our vision and mission is supported by an integrated set of core values

  • Siddhi Group is committed to having the right resources available to customers, precisely before they asked to us. We work with a worldwide network of facilities, sources of aluminium and industry professionals to be able to offer World Class Product Range.

    Our goal is to ensure that our partners receive the best possible products at prices that are internationally competitive, giving them an edge in a global business environment. Our professionals are application-driven: they focus on how the product is going to be used to determine how it should be produced, They work in partnership with customers to identify needs, requirements and constraints, developing solutions that take all of these into account. They never waiver in their commitment to quality, ensuring that every product is the best it can be.

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